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Email clients that can send responsive HTML signatures using media queries

Email clients that can send responsive HTML signatures using media queries

What if your email client lets you send email signature which will display your email signature differently for each email client or show it according to the size of different devices? For this, the email client must support the media queries to allow responsive email signature.

That means, if you like to see responsive email signature than the email client must support the media queries. But most of the email clients don’t supports media queries as they strip out the media queries from the head section of the HTML or only support rich text format.

For avoiding this types of problem, we design HTML email signatures. Our HTML email signature contains the layout that will automatically fit to any device. No matter what will be device, it will display the email signature in responsive manner. Our HTML email signature don’t need media queries. So, it doesn’t have the chance of showing unresponsive signatures. You can check out some of our samples also.

There are some of email signature clients available they can send responsive HTML email signatures using media queries:
See our comprehensive list of all major email clients and if

List of Email Clients that can send Responsive HTML Email Signatures using media queries

Responsive HTML Signature FAQ

How do we provide responsive Email signature?

Email signature can also be responsive. It can be done by various way. We design our different HTML email signature by making it user friendly. We use different layout and codes to appear the content in various sizes. As, a result it always fits well no matter what will be the device going to be.

Why Media queries are needed for responsive HTML signature to work?

As we already mentioned about the media queries which uses CSS3 module to work, it uses snipped of code to work. If we going to design the whole layout to design with only HTML code, then the design can become good but it will not appear properly in different client devices. For that, we need media queries. It helps to tell the device to open up HTML email signature in the layout that the content owner wants. Using the media queries we can declare image to appear in different size and shape in various devices. Media queries can enhance the resolution of the image according to its need.

What to do If the email client doesn’t support responsive email signature?

If your email client doesn’t support media queries to work, then you should use email client which supports the responsive email signature. It is very important to choose the responsive email signature client in order to display your email signature properly. Check above list in which the email client is being added who supports the responsive email signature with media queries. It is recommended to use the responsive email signature client for display the responsiveness of your email signature.

Does Email Signature Pro design the responsive Email signature?

Yes, we design responsive Email signature. One thing we should remember, there is nothing called true responsive HTML signature until you use few supported email clients. Email Signature Pro creates various HTML email signature by using various template which makes the email signature looks professional. Also, we create Email signature that can automatically fit its layout in different devices. So, you don’t have to worry about the media queries to work. We create design in various way that will looks great and optimized in every device.

Does Email Signature Rescue have template which will looks best in IPhone or other mobile platform?

Yes, we have various designed template. They are very stylish and modern. They will provide best design to your signature. You can use recommend vertical design template. If you like to use horizontal template than you can choose our many quality templates for your professions. Our email signature templates are responsive and they are very much professional. So, try our any templates. See our template designs.

Check some Responsive Email Signature Design

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